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Rob and Jo are inspirational characters and their story has enormous popular appeal, touching people in all walks of life.

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Jo Speaking

Jo’s book ‘Holding On – a story of love and survival’ was successfully launched in the UK and internationally in 2006 with substantial media interest, and Jo is now in demand for speaking both at home and abroad. As a talented and keen photographer, Jo has captured images from some of the most remote and and wild places around the globe and has contributed to the prestigious Nikon Owner Magazine.

While Rob and Jo are able to present together for specific events, Jo speaks at the majority of engagements.  Her warm, gregarious personality combined with her dynamic and engaging speaking style enable her to inspire, challenge and motivate any audience. She not only brings fascinating and entertaining insights from her experiences, but her reflections both as a female and a wife are also unique. This along with her years in business and experience as a youth worker and health professional enables her to meaningfully relate their experiences to a wide range of audiences.

Whilst Rob and Jo’s achievements may seem out of reach for most people, audiences are often delighted and relieved to discover they are from a “very ordinary background” without any of the potential advantages of a privileged upbringing or education. By tenaciously overcoming personal obstacles, they have discovered that so many of life’s answers are within reach of us all.

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A selection of testimonials:


Jo came and gave a talk during our yearly activation week, when we encourage our associates to ‘get moving and be moved’.  She held everyone spellbound with her and Rob’s extraordinary story – the highs and lows of their epic journeys in the Arctic and on the highest peaks in the world, and the personal challenges they faced and overcame. Her photos were spectacular and the content was both moving and at times very funny, including vivid descriptions of some of the basic practicalities of life at sub-zero temperatures! Jo was also delightful to deal with, and completely understood our objectives for the day. The whole session was engaging, inspiring and exactly what we were looking for.

Dan Sayre, NWEN Business Unit President, Coca-Cola Europe

Lombard organises an exclusive private banking seminar every year in Switzerland and Luxembourg with inspiring guest speakers. I was delighted that record-breaking mountaineer, Jo Gambi, agreed to speak to our private banking guests this year. Our theme was "Climbing New Peaks and Conquering Adversity".  Not only did Jo deliver an exhilarating and inspiring account of her adventures, but she created many talking points for our guests afterwards. Jo was charming, engaging, flexible and mingled very well with our guests after the presentation. I would thoroughly recommend her as a great speaker.

David Steinegger, CEO, Lombard International Assurance S.A.

Jo Gambi recently presented at our Sales Kick Off Meeting, an audience of approx 80 people. I was looking for inspiration to motivate the team to tackle the opportunities and challenges ahead of them in 2011. She was simply outstanding. Her presentation was captivating, her story both truly inspirational and from the heart. In addition, Jo managed to tailor her incredible extraordinary story exactly to the business messages that I wanted the team to hear. She was humorous and very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her. 

Steve Bradford, Sales Director UK and Ireland, SAP Software and Solutions

Jo Gambi is one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.  Her account of such tremendous feats in the face of adversity are truly sensational.  In the 16 years I have been an Army Officer I can safely say that I have never been moved as much as I was as Jo told her story of leadership, sacrifice  and determination all of which was conveyed with subtle humility which belied the actual gravity of her achievements. An absolutely captivating speaker and a must for any occasion.

Major Andrew Clarke, British Telemark Team Captain

Jo  absolutely engaged the audience and held their undivided attention during her speech. She was relevant, entertaining, articulate and made a real connection with everyone.   By incorporating  the business messages we had discussed into her own story, she gave people an opportunity to look at things differently and truly created a WOW factor for them.

Heather Hepburn, Talent, Grad and Fast Track Development, BT

When you come to launch an ambitious event such as the Endure 6 Challenge, you need an equally ambitious guest speaker to inspire the crowd. As Paralympic, World Champion and TV Presenter Danny Crates interviewed Jo, it was clear to see just how engaging and inspirational Jo’s story is. You could hear a pin drop, as Jo recounted her achievements. Grit , determination, humour and luck in the face of adversity means so much more when you are in the presence of someone who has achieved so much, to the point where attendees are still talking about how Jo has inspired them to take part in the Endure 6 Challenge. We are very much looking forward to working with Jo on future projects.

 – Gareth Syms, Founder Endure World Events & The Endure Foundation.

Jo’s story is truly inspirational. Her talk was engaging,  visual and entertaining and the 45 minutes seemed to fly by. She is able to draw comparison in the approach to challenges she faced to those we confront regularly in our work and social lives which was hugely thought provoking to those who attended. 

Colin Strevens, large international accounting firm

Jo was truly inspirational and their story puts things into perspective. Her messages around change and transformation have already made an impact so we would like to again extend our thanks and praise for an excellent session.

Simon Bradford (Account Director), Microsoft - UK Public Sector

Thank you so much for being the guest speaker at Thomsons Online Benefits Christmas Event. I really appreciated the way you took the time to understand and consult with us during the briefing before the event so that we got exactly what we wanted out of a speaker. You managed to impress and inspire a very diverse (and tough!) crowd – it was a fascinating story. I organise a lot of events and not often I come across speakers as professional and incredibly engaging as you!

Clara Soldani, Client Marketing Manager

I have worked with Jo on several occasions and partnered with her to deliver inspirational presentations to audiences of business leaders. Jo is a professional through and through and clearly pays the same critical attention to detail that has no doubt saved her life many times up in the mountain ranges, to applying this same level of precise detail to researching an audience and tailoring her presentation to ensure that the overall messages are relevant to the people she is speaking to. She takes time to ensure her message is consistent with the messages I want people to take away from an event and she ensures she co-ordinates with any other speakers too, taking time to get to know them and getting involved with an entire events team to ensure success. Having heard her speak now several times she remains an absolute inspiration and the feedback I have had from our customers has also been excellent - I know for certain that most delegates have left an event feeling the same way I did last year when I heard her speak for the first time - motivated to go and try something different, get out of the comfort zone and push the boundaries. If you are looking for someone for an event who will inspire, energise and motivate an audience, then I would highly recommend booking Jo Gambi. 

Karen Young, Director, Hays Senior Finance

Thank you so much for the part you played in making it as special and successful as it was. I genuinely have found meeting you and working with you to be inspiring. The way that your faith is integral to the success that you achieve in your life and how you remain upbeat and positive even when you're under overwhelming pressure is such a testimony.

Dee Wevill, Event Organiser, Charity Ball - Kampala Childrens Centre

Thank you so much for coming and talking to the children about your amazing adventures. al the children were fascinated by your story, slides and equipment you brought along with you. they were truly inspired to focus and try their best in all walks of life.   I was really impressed how you had taken the time to consider the age of the children, the local area and their current situation ie awaiting 11+ results. It really helped them to understand because you related your adventure directly to them.

I firmly believe that your talk would be beneficial for all ages of children and help them along this complex road we call 'life'.

Carol Quartermain, Teacher, Great Kingshill Primary School

'What a fabulous day and in particular Jo Gambi was inspirational, an excellent motivational speaker and provided much needed personal reflection!'

Tina Dobson, Business Co-ordinator, Vine HR

Jo is an exceptional woman.  Not only has she achieved something quite extraordinary but her lessons on life, through it, leave the audience inspired, challenged and particularly stirred to appreciate life.

Angie Campbell, Pastor - Cambridge Community Church /Director for Breathe Women’s Conference

Jo was a truly inspirational speaker sharing her elixir for life ...a mixture of love, belief, endurance, adrenaline and endorphins.  She encouraged each and everyone of us to forge our own life path, never give up and and fulfil our dreams.

2011 Empowering Women Conference 

Jenny Smith, Founder of Jentle Childbirth Foundation, Specialist Midwife, Supervisor of Midwives.

“A big thank-you to Jo for speaking at our event, for aspiring women leaders in the NHS. Jo’s story of such incredible personal endeavour and adventure held the attention of all who were at the event and the feedback regarding her talk was universally excellent. She tells her story with such warmth and enthusiasm that she is able to inspire and motivate the audience to believe that they too can achieve their dreams.”
Dr Deborah Kendall – Project Director NHS North West Junior Doctor Advisory Team

“Jo's warm and caring personality shone through, and combined with her dynamic and engaging speaking style and accompanying photos, she really inspired the audience. She really helped everyone see that anything is possible, even in the most challenging circumstances. Her words were very well received.”
– Russell McCraith – Wound Care Business Director, Molnlycke Health Care


“Jo gave us a tremendous taste of the experiences she has had and the challenges she has conquered. We asked her to come to inspire our team of outdoor instructors and they went out not just inspired but transformed - the buzz afterwards was quite amazing. Jo really is an outstanding speaker and engaged the team at all levels in away which was really down to earth and fun.”
– Mark Heasman – Chief Executive – Rock UK 


“On behalf of The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health 2009 Conference Organising Committee I would like to give you our tremendous thanks for a truly inspirational after-dinner talk on Friday evening.  It is a unique gift to render over one hundred physiotherapists completely speechless and to hear them still discussing your achievements the following day at lunch is testimony to the impact you had on us all!”
– Jane Lofts MCSP – COC Secretary

“Jo Gambi's talk last night was seriously impressive….outstanding! The students were gripped not only by what she had to say but by her openness and warmth.”
David Bryson – Monkton Lectures Coordinator, Monkton Combe School, Bath


“Not only was Jo an inspiring speaker at our national launch, showing us the power of determination and discipline within the world of the outdoors; but also she related her experiences to the skills required to operate at the top of your game and the commitment to training necessary to achieve your dreams. Sadly we cannot have a launch every year to have such an uplifting experience again, but we will certainly be thinking about how we can harness her talent to meet our aims, to motivate more people to gain the right skills and qualifications in the outdoors.”
Florence Orban – CEO, National Skills Academy for Sport and Active Leisure


“Jo spoke at our school awards ceremony. She was very engaging and a real inspiration to staff and students. Her experiences, delivered in a highly effective style, were motivating and inspiring. We will certainly be inviting Jo back”
– Jerry Collins –  Principal, Pimlico Academy


“Pinewood has been buzzing! You had the children riveted for nearly an hour - the way you pitched your talk was absolutely on the button! So many staff & pupils have said so many complimentary things about your dynamic and captivating delivery, your warmth, your tenacity in the face of the impossible, about being an amazing woman and about the inspiration you have given us as a school and as individuals!”
Chris Brunton – Head of Outdoor Education,  Pinewood special needs School

“Your inspirational talk helped to finish our conference on a really positive note and we are most grateful for the enthusiasm and humour that you injected into the room. We all left London, feeling energised and inspired.”
Kate Jones – Head of Safer Care, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement


“Jo gave us a scintillating evening with superb photography combined with her magical style of recalling the highs and lows of her adventures to the most inhospitable places on earth. She was thoroughly entertaining and had us all on the edges of our seats throughout, delivering her talk with such humility and leaving the audience buzzing with the overall excellence of the occasion. Simply the perfect presentation.”
Professor David Brodie – Fund Raising Chair, Jordans and District Rotary Club


“Jo's animated & passionate delivery has the ability to make the audience share every hard won meter of her climbs, leaving them exhausted and yet exhilarated! Equally her photographic images are awesome and her stories of the extreme difficulty in capturing them, made them even more amazing.”
Pete Jackman –  Chairman, Princes Risborough Photographic Society


“We had an outstanding evening when Jo spoke at our recent Alpha launch. Her message was riveting and inspirational and she connected remarkably with all our guests from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and experiences. Her ability in one-on-one conversations matched her excellence on the platform.”
David Hartland – Senior Pastor, City Coast Church, Brighton


“You are a phenomenal speaker! We were all really touched by your seminar this summer… I never saw our students more attentive. You truly ignited some inspiration in them. You and your husband clearly have a passion for what you do, and above all else you have a genuine passion for life. Thank you for living it so well and sharing your trials, tribulations and triumphs.”
Bettina Ortiz –  Director, University of Dreams - Barcelona

“Thank you both for delivering an amazingly professional presentation – we were all affected by it. You managed to engage the audience and present an entertaining account of your extraordinary experiences in a way that enabled us to relate to them. We really feel we know what you went through and what it must be like to test yourself beyond the limit.”
Ian Buckley – Chief Investment Officer, Henderson Global Investors

“Rob and Jo presented an inspirational insight into their expeditions across some of the most severe terrain in the world. The insight although brief, given how much both had achieved in such a short period of time was fantastic.”
John Nestor – Business Head EMEA, Managing Director, Citigroup Asset Management

“Thank you so very much for your talk. The audience was mesmerized. It was not only the subject but also the quality of the presentation. You should take up public speaking for a career.”
- Robert Thomas – Master of The Worshipful  Company of Actuaries

“Thank you seems so inadequate but it really is heartfelt.  Your presentation yesterday was  so fascinating – and so professionally done – I don’t know if you realise how much you touch people”
Jenny McInerney - President of the Australian Women’s Club, London

“Thank you so much for making the reason we all fundraise come so alive for our supporters. The feedback received has  been  amazing. They all really loved hearing about your climbing challenge and all  the conditions that you faced. And to do all that having  recovered twice from cancer, can only give  real hope to others. The  human spirit is truly amazing and no better  exemplified I think than  in all you have both  achieved.”
Elizabeth Melvin – Cancer Research UK Fund raiser, Oxford Region

“Jo is a natural communicator: her talk was inspiring and fascinating.  It was also beautifully illustrated by first-class slides. Jo captivated the audience and left them wanting more.”
- Charlotte Hindle – Wanderlust Career Break Theatre Co-ordinator/Travel Journalist

“Thank you both so much for the presentation. Everybody thought it was absolutely amazing. It was extremely obvious why you are in such high demand. All your achievements seemed so understated and yet it was clear that even in our wildest imaginations we could not grasp the enormity of what you have both been through and achieved together.”
- Kath Williams – Doctor,  Hammersmith Hospital

“A million thank you's to you for last night.  You are both such inspirational individuals and I know so many of the supporters I spoke to last night were really delighted that you shared your story with them. Thank you again.”
- Louise Wadley – Host, Annual London Supporters Conference, CRUK

“It was a delight to hear Jo share the story of her and Rob’s global climbing adventures.  I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a highly engaging speaker with a truly inspirational tale to tell.”
Wendy Hand – Director, Celebrity Speakers Australia

“Our members found your talk enormously enjoyable and inspirational.  It's one which will long be remembered and talked about, not only for your exceptional achievements but also the poignant story of love, courage and endurance that underpins them. The insight you provided into the physical and mental challenge you and Rob faced was graphically real.  You gave  our 2006/2007 series of lunches a brilliant start which will be hard for others to match.”
Maureen Horne – Secretary,  Yew Tree Luncheon Club for Cancer Research UK Harpenden

“From the moment of their dramatic entrance to the very personal talk with the accompanying images and film, all these elements came together to make a heady mixture of utter professionalism and whole presentation edge of the seat excitement. It was inspiring and dramatic.”
Gray Levett – MIoD, Director, Grays of Westminster  and Gillian Greenwood, Features Editor, Nikon Owner magazine

“I want to say a huge thank you for coming and sharing your inspiring story with us. Everyone was gripped with your presentation in words and pictures and I've had so  much positive feedback from those who came along. ”
Ali Preston – Co-ordinator, Women’s Christmas Celebration Evening, Holy Trinity Hazlemere.

“Thank you for your warmth, professionalism and generosity. The feedback from our sell out evening has been fantastic and our audience are still talking about your presentation. Your professional, heartfelt and humorous delivery reached out to our audience and kept them spellbound throughout.”
Fiona Hilton – Fundraising event for Teenage Cancer Trust.

“The guests enjoyed Jo’s talk so much (at the Chatsworth House Literary Dinner on Saturday night) that some came to the bookshop to see Jo again the next day when she was giving an illustrated talk along with her husband, Rob. Rob and Jo are such a wonderful friendly couple and their exciting stories of plucky deeds and adventures in sub zero temperatures kept the audience enthralled. I know that the Adventure Education students who had travelled from Portsmouth to see them (and other outdoor writers) were particularly grateful to Rob and Jo for all the time and inspiration that they gave to the”
Geraldine Rose – Director, Countrybookshop Peak Literary Festival, 2006

“Where do I start? Your presentation was brilliant, informative, entertaining and inspirational! The very personal nature of your travelogue talk enabled all of us who will never, ever visit these extreme environments to share with you in your adventures. The photographs were absolutely stunning and contributed effectively to the overall experience. The few children who were also in attendance were as rapt as their parents during your talk. As an educator, I would recommend your presentation most highly to school groups.  Thank you, once again, for your generous contribution to our school's capital campaign to replace our playground equipment.”
David Langmuir Ph.D. – Principal, School District 45 – Canada

“Some women thought it was the best day yet - and were obviously absolutely inspired by you! - and you probably know that the bookshop completely sold out of your book on the day! - even the one that we had held up for the review was snapped up at the end of the day as I took it back! I think they liked your talk!!”
Anne Coles – New Wine Women’s Conference Director

”Jo was an excellent speaker.  The photographs were amazing!  I really did have students talking about how that was the best assembly they've ever had!! (Teacher)  Thank you again for the presentation you did at last week.  Our students really enjoyed your images and stories.  It was very inspirational!  Thanks again.”
Dave Waddington – Principal – Arran Tara Elementary School - Canada

“Well, we're just finished another lunch here (at the bookstore) and folks are still raving about your presentation. You have done great things, and your presentation about them has inspired many locals who saw the presentation!”
Mary Ann Thomas – Ginger  Press Bookstore Owner – Canada

“An awesome and inspirational true story that I could listen to dozens of times.  This is one of the best I have seen and heard, and as a fellow speaker it was truly  an 11 out of 10 talk....It will make you laugh and cry!  Two big thumbs up!”
Karl Hartley - Managing Director of Dream Team Coaching (Oswestry school)

“Rob and Jo’s Gambi's talk was both excellent and inspiring. It dealt honestly with confronting very difficult situations, and how setting clear goals allied with determination, teamwork and a passion to succeed can make all the difference. The conference delegates were able to take these messages and see the relevance for them.”
– Philip Hewetson - Finance Conference organiser ( AstraZeneca)

“A huge thank you for your involvement and talk at the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards presentation at Windsor Castle. I know your presence on the day made it special for all the young people and their guests.”
Anne Newcombe – Duke of Edinburgh Award Director, East

“I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the time you gave us for our Celebration Assemblies. Your contributions made sure that they were a great success. The general feeling was that we will have an impossible job to maintain the quality next year! The story of your amazing travel experiences is awe inspiring and you added significantly to the impact of your story by skilfully bringing in several very relevant and pertinent links to our students’ own lives.”
Steve Box – Headmaster, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Bucks

“Jo’s lectures were excellent. Her presentation was very clear and professional. An incredible story told with honesty, humour and sincerity.”
Paul Stockdale – Headmaster,  Oswestry School

“A great big thank you to our favourite world-conqueror. Your talk was completely excellent with a beautiful mix of adventure, down-to-earth set-backs and high-in-the-sky successes, faith in motion and life-lessons along the way, complete with all the visuals and special howling wind sound effects (the room will never seem the same again).”
Chris Hall – Alpha supper co-ordinator, CCE, Edinburgh.

“Jo’s ability to connect her tremendous achievements to the lives of everyone in the room was really motivating. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo as a speaker at future events.”
Tom Russell – Director of Strategic Resourcing & Reward, Cancer Research UK Long Service Awards 2007

“Jo Joined us recently in Oxford to share with our students her extraordinary experiences. The warmth and humour with which she shared, coupled with an ability to really connect with her audience was quite remarkable.”
Ceri Rees – College Manager, King;’s Bible College & Training Centre

“Jo - you were brilliant! There is a quite unprecedented buzz from those who were lucky enough to witness your talk and slides last night.  Aside from evident admiration for both you and Rob for the 7 Summits and 2 Poles achievements and Rob's extraordinary powers of recovery, people seem inspired by your ability to talk very eloquently from a deeply personal perspective, complemented by some wonderfully well considered quotes from others; along with some terrific photography. Thank you so much for battling the Chicago snow to get back and deliver such a lively and engaging presentation.”
– Andy Carter - National Director - Jones Lang LaSalle

“Thank you very much for your invaluable insights of your personal journey to the Seven Summits. The feedback of our participants was simply outstanding. The discussion highlighted so many parallels to our business challenges. We all felt deeply inspired and took away all the pictures and metaphors you gave us.”
– Ulrich Aschoff – Executive Director - UBS Investment Bank

“On behalf of our Presidents and members of our Club I would like to say an enormous thank you for the wonderful presentation you made to our guests for our 50th Anniversary Charter Lunch. I have had such positive feedback from everyone.”
– Jenny Todd – Joint Hon Secretary - Soroptomist International Aylesbury & District

“Thank you for such an amazing evening our lives have been enriched and blessed!”
– Lone Wright – Alpha supper co-ordinator

“Jo’s inspirational and motivational story proved ideal for our Leukaemia CARE training day. She gave the staff a powerful message about inner strength, over coming illness and believing in yourself and concluded our day with a great talk.”
– Tony Gavin – Chief Executive – Leukaemia CARE

“I do hope we will meet again. Yours is such an inspirational story. Thank you so much for helping make our festival a resounding success”
– Hazel Roy – Himalayan Nepal Festival Co-ordinator

“A huge thank you for coming to Uppingham and for sharing your amazing story with us. You had us captivated as we travelled with you into the thin air.”
– James Gale – Uppingham House Summer camp Leader

“ I am still out of breath form climbing those summits at altitude with you! We all thought the evening at Lord William’s was great. Thank you for all the enthusiasm that you put into the event.”
– Mike Shorthouse – Chair – Gambi Link Committee

“ A huge thank you from all of us for a truly wonderful talk last night. I’m sure everyone who hears you says the same, but you were truly inspirational on so many different levels. You and Rob set such great examples not only as explorers and adventurers, but also in the strength of your love for each other, your faith, and your fight against Rob’s cancer. The success of the evening was down to you Jo, so thank you so much.”
– Jo Scott – Fundraising Event Co-ordinator - CRUK

“ Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us at ‘Face to Face’. You are such an inspiration and you touch so many women’s lives leaving them thirsty for more. What a gift!”
– Gill Hampton – Chair – Face to Face Events - All Saints

“The Gambi's told a heart-warming and exciting story about a their quest for exploring the elements and limits much beyond everyday life -  a life that suddenly and unexpectedly can appear preciously too short. Thank you.”
– Michael Strobaek – Management Consulting Services – UBS Global Wealth Management - Zurich

“Thank you so much for such a tremendous evening - inspiring and personally challenging for those who listenened. The beauty of the photos, drama of what you shared - I think we saw just a little blink. I am sure everyone at the evening is thinking over and over, some of your poignant personal messages”
– Liz Harvey – Co-ordinator – Stoke Poges Supper Party

“Many, many, thanks! The unsolicited feedback has been so effusive and so overwhelmingly positive and many folk have said you were the best breakfast speaker ever - which considering the 11 years they have een running and who some of our speakers have been is high praise indeed! I think you had probably gathered something of your impact from the way the guys stayed around for so long afterwards. So thank you for sharing so frankly and in such an engaging way. The ladies now want to hear you!”
– Andy Gower – Senior Leader – Speen Baptist Men’s Breakfast Meeting

“Just wanted to say thanks once again for your great talk on Friday! I really appreciated the way you linked your challenges and achievements to many of the situations the audience will be facing.”
– Lawrence Coleman – National Sales Manager – Molnlycke Healthcare

“Jo had a relaxed demeanour and communicated clearly and enthusiastically focusing on the things the audience could appreciate.”
– Mike Peascod – Chairman – Fort William Mountain Festival


“Just a note to say thank you so much for coming to speak at our event this week. It was wonderful to meet you both and hear your amazing story. Jo you spoke so well and so many have commented that they had a fantastic evening and enjoyed your talk immensely.”
– Simon Holley – Senior Leader – King’s Arms Church Bedford

“Jo, I wanted to write to thank you for taking time out to address our Leadership Conference. Your presentation was both hugely inspiring an very thought provoking. Many people commented to me that they thought it was the highlight of the conference. Thank you so much again for a fabulous talk and for sharing your experiences with us, We are also extremely grateful for your continued support.”
– Harpal Kumar – Chief Executive Officer – Cancer Research UK

“Your contribution at those different Talent & Leadership events was the one with the biggest impact on participants. I have heard so many of them emphasizing it and referring to it as a highlight.”
– Eleonore Leder – Global Head Education and Development – UBS Global Asset Management, Zurich

“Jo enthralled the children by what she had to say and her slides. She inspired them to believe in themselves and encouraged them to have dreams about what they want to achieve. It was a real privilege for the children to be able to handle the actual equipment that she took with her up Everest.”

Mary Hagell – Teacher – Westbourne House School

“The ladies were amazed, enthralled and inspired by Jo's story and it was obvious from the book sales! There were so many new faces present, attracted by news of your story. So thank you again for making an impact!” 

Andy gower – Senior Pastor - Speen Baptist

“Jo made a huge contribution to the success of the St Bernard’s High School and Arts College Sports and Duke of Edinburgh Awards Presentation Evening. Not only was her talk full of inspiration, keeping staff, parents and students enthralled but her speech and achievements were the subject of conversation for a long while after.  Jo is a true professional who really rises to the occasion!”

Kim Zimmer, Event Organiser – St Bernards High School

“Jo spoke to a cross-section of people from local churches, the wider community and climbing clubs. As well as speaking of some of the huge challenges they faced with the Seven Summits and sharing some breathtaking photos, she also spoke with great honesty and humour about her and Rob's inner journey, and of their faith which sustained and motivated them at critical times. It was such an inspiring evening and I would recommend any church or community to invite Jo to speak.”       

The Rev'd Chris Butt, Team Rector, Parish of South Gilingham.

“The talk was fantastic and the content awe-inspiring but even more impressive was the way you had thought hard about your audience and pitched it to them perfectly. The girls were gripped by your tales of climbing the mountains but also moved by your account of Rob's illnesses. It was the best talk to a school audience I have heard for many years - thank you so much for giving up your time to come and speak to us.”

William Saunders, Director of Studies – Guildford High School

“Jo has an innate ability to connect with people – whether this was the whole audience, or the time that she spent with individuals during book signing. Her talk was not forced, but she just told her and Rob’s story – a story that resonated so well with our business, and many employees personal, situations. Jo exceeded our expectations considerably and we can’t recommend Jo enough.” 

Andrew Morris, Business Unit Manager – Johnson and Johnson

“Thank you again for coming into school. It was an amazing morning for the children and we are so grateful. The Year 3 workshop talks were brilliant and really helped to make our topic 'come alive'. The photos and video clips that you prepared were excellent and you were very animated when talking to them. They all loved it!! 

“The assembly to the whole juniors was equally as fantastic. The children and staff were clearly very moved by your story and interested in all your achievements. The staff have continued to talk about how amazing you and Rob are since last week and many are keen to read your book now to find out more! Thank you!”

Kate Steer  – Teacher – Belmont Primary School

“Thanks again, you were fantastic!  Right tone and right content.”
Lucy Harrison -  NW Business Development Manager (Outdoors), NSA for Sport and Active Leisure

“Thanks again for giving us such a great seminar!  The feedback from our participants has been overwhelmingly positive, and you definitely got the inspirational message we hoped over to the students. The tone of her speech was perfect and people were speaking of how it was in equal measures funny, informative and inspirational.  It definitely hit the nail on the head and will be a tough act to follow!”
Stefan de Rougemont -  London Program Director, University of Dreams

“A large audience/congregation of all ages were 'captivated' by Jo's talk and presentation, due to the sensitive but dynamic way she not only fascinated everyone by her polar adventures and mountaineering, but inspired and encouraged everyone in a very relevant and down to earth way to climb their own mountains, with the help of God!”
Stephen Perkins -  Major - Salvation Army, Staines.

“Entertaining, challenging and truly inspirational! With her heart-warming and down-to-earth style, Jo Gambi lifted our sights and left a lasting impression at COC's Scotland Vivacious conference in Aberdeen, May 2009. We were reminded to hold on to the precious things in life, while pressing onward and upward to overcome limitations. Thank you, Jo!”
Ruth Schmierer, Vivacious conference leader, COC Churches, UK

“Jo’s energy and enthusiasm for life was powerful and a witness to the fullness of life which God invites us to enjoy and encouraged people to sign up for Alpha to explore faith for themselves”
Reverend David Bird –  St Giles Church Northampton

“An excellent lecturer with an enthralling story to tell – a riveting mixture of adventure, humour and lessons for life.”
—Philip Cottam – Headmaster,  Halliford School


“A heartfelt thanks for getting the “Passion for life – Real lives” evening off to such a good start. It all exceeded expectations quite remarkably and people found your story so challenging and encouraging. Thank you for being such an enthusiastic interviewee!”
—Reverend Peter Ackroyd – Passion for Life Bedford Initiative


“I cannot thank you enough for last week. The feedback I have had has been amazing and your talk cannot be spoken about highly enough.”
—Kate Stainton – Probation Officer/Organiser for Naomi House Fund raiser 


“Jo’s engaging talk took us on the journey with her. She was so down to earth and real, her determination and courage shone through!”
—Jude Baguely – Assistant Pastor – Trent Vineyard, Alpha Dinner Party